Comfort Gut – Canine Range


Comfort Gut PRO Composition – Seaweed Meal

Material: Seaweed Meal

Composition : Moisture 10%; Crude Protein 9%; Crude Fat 0.5%; Crude Ash 43%; Crude Fibre 5%; NaCL 2.5%; K 2.5%; I 250ppm; S 4%

Feeding rate – 5 gram per 10 kg body weight


Comfort Gut ULTIMATE Composition – Seaweed Meal & Vegetable carbon

 Analytical constituents: Moisture 9.8%; Crude Protein 5.7%; Crude Fat 0.35%; Crude Ash 28.7%; Crude Fibre 7.6%; NaCL 2.36%; K 1.19%; I 107 mg/kg; S 18000 mg/kg

Feeding rate – 14 gram per 10 kg body weight


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Comfort Gut Canine – offers an exceptional and holistic approach to

Canine nutrition using a unique, scientifically selected blend of seaweeds!


Support for Older Dogs; those on Long Term Medication;

Working & Competition dogs; Stud Dogs and Breeding Bitches.


Comfort Gut Canine – is designed to support overall health by impacting positively the dogs’s immune system, digestive system & other body systems. It has a prebiotic effect, alginates which line the gut wall, polysaccharides & other beneficial particles.


Key remarks relate to:

  • Improved Condition and overall coat shine.
  • Improved performance and recovery.
  • Positive support for both Stud dogs and breeding bitches.
  • Supports the nervous system resulting in improved behavior through naturally occurring vitamin B12.
  • Assisting optimum gut health & function by helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels.
  • Supports dogs on antibiotics or oral medications through alginates which line the gut wall
  • Supports a healthy digestive system by being a food source for naturally occurring gut flora.
  • Supports mobility in older or hard working dogs 

It’s great for overall health, coat shine, and aids performance &

recovery in high level performance dogs.


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PRO 270g, Ultimate 760g