Leonardo Plain Leather Double Bridle Reins


Technical Details

  • 4/8 wide (1/2″)
  • 54” length (Full)
  • Italian leather
  • Black
  • Stainless steel billet fastenings to attach to bit
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Leonardo Plain Leather Double Bridle Reins

These classic, plain leather reins are crafted from the very finest Italian leather for increased durability and suppleness. Suitable for use both at home and at competitions.

Product Description

At ½” wide, they are ideal for use with a double bridle or by a rider with smaller hands. Finished with stainless steel billets they make a stunning addition to any bridle.

Care Instructions

To maximise the life span of your reins and to help prevent staining, we highly recommend a leather care routine after each use.

1. Use lukewarm water on a damp cloth or soft sponge to gently remove dust, dirt and grease from the surface. Be sure to concentrate on areas around the buckles and key points of contact with your horse.

2. We recommend conditioning the leather using a soap/cream sparingly, taking great care to rub gently and in a circular motion until all of the product has been absorbed.

3. Using a clean cloth, wipe away excess soap/cream from the surface.

4. Leave the leather to dry naturally in a well ventilated area, away from direct heat sources.